Eye makeup in brown tones

Material for an eye makeup in brown tones

  • Pre-base eye shadow
  • Flat brush and matte brown shadow
  • Blur brush
  • Flat brush and matte vanilla shadow
  • Brush brush and matte black shadow
  • Black eyeliner
  • Hard hair brush
  • Rizdor and black mascara

Steps for an eye makeup in brown tones

The pre-base is a light cream. Apply a drop on the mobile eyelid and lower line of the eye, in the areas where the shadow will be applied so that the product is fixed better and have a more intense color. The eyelid area is quite fat, we get the shadows do not accumulate in the area of ​​the crease throughout the day.

Shades. With a flat brush apply throughout the mobile eyelid. Take a brush to blur and pass it through the eye socket to blur the cut where the brown shadow ends to soften the look and make it more natural

Flat brush applies the vanilla shadow under the arch of the eyebrow. Illuminate the look, raise the eyebrow and gives luminosity. It is conceivable that they are clear and matte shadows in this area since otherwise the bright shadows have the effect of bulging the area and it is not pretty.

With the pencil brush apply the matte black shadow on the outer eye of the eye. Apply a dark shadow on the ends gives depth to the look and highlights the look.

With the same brush to smear as before and the matte brown shade a little lighter, apply a transition color between the darkest and vanilla color to get a faded gradient for a more natural result and break the cut between the dark and clear.

With a black pencil, outline the eyes above and below. Do not stretch the skin of the eyes very much since it is very delicate and you will avoid wrinkles and expression lines around the eyes. Paint the eye water line with the pencil and brush the pencil and shadow with a brush of hard hair for a more natural effect.

With the dark brown apply to the bottom lashes so that the line of the lower lashes is not marked so black.

After applying the shadows, curl the eyelashes with a curling iron. It can be applied at one or more points to be more curved and then the black mascara is applied to reinforce the eyeliner. It can be applied only on the upper or lower lashes to give even more strength to the look.

advice: To complete the makeup look by marking the look a lot in brown and black, apply a light lip gloss like pink, peach or light brown.

Video: Easy Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial (February 2020).

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