Bricomanía Program of December 23, 2018

In this DIY program, we will learn to do a lot of DIY topics. In the main task of this Sunday, Kristian Pielhoff will teach us how build some candle holder columns in a simple way. You will be surprised by the result!

Jagoba brings us some useful and original briconsejos. In the first, it will show us how decorate or beautify the foot of the Christmas tree. They are simple but very colorful solutions.

In the second, he will teach us to customize the table of Christmas lunches or dinners using a napkin rings made with wooden sticks.

Iñigo Segurola, meanwhile, brings us the latest news about gardening. On this occasion, he will explain how to remove pacifiers that start from the graft holder.

The ideas are there and we shape them! This is Bricomanía!

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The next Sunday, December 23, 2018, we can enjoy a new Bricomanía program in Nova. At 11:30 a.m., the refills begin, and, starting at 13: 15h, we can enjoy the premiere. Next, the videos will be available on the web.

Bricomanía program website

- Section with the summary videos and the step by step of each DIY work.

- Bricomanía section with complete video programs.

- Program section with videos of the gardening section.

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