How to glue the toe of a shoe

If you have the toe of your shoes off, do not miss this briconsultation in which Kristian teaches us step by step to fix the shoe to continue using it.

The first thing to do is sand smoothly The area that has taken off. In this way we eliminate the remaining adhesive residue. We will also have to make sure that this area is clean so that the new adhesive sticks perfectly.

When we have the puncture of the shoe ready, we apply contact adhesive on both sides of the shoe: the loose toe and the shoe.

Instead of pressing at the moment, we must let a little weather. And when we see that it is mordant, that is to say, that it still hits but it seems that it does not stick too much, is when you have to press well.

We can reinforce the union joining the areas with a little adhesive tape until the adhesive dries completely.

The contact adhesives you have to use them in this way so that they stick perfectly and the two surfaces to stick well attached.

Video: Sneaker and Shoe Glue Fix Sole Separation (February 2020).

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