Bedside table

The bedside table It is a fundamental element in the furniture of a bedroom. In addition to being an essential component in the decoration, this small table will act as an auxiliary furniture when we go to bed. We are going to teach you to build, in a very simple and step-by-step way, a bedside table with a pine wood structure that we will cover with a beautiful decorative paper.

We will use some pine wood slats to build the structure of our bedside table. With a decorative paper and glue to wallpaper, we will line the wood. To finish the work we will place some glass shelves.

  • Tools
  • keyhole saw
  • Wood blade
  • 10 mm diameter wood drill
  • Drill stop
  • Driver drill
  • Pallet
  • materials
  • 30 x 30 mm pine wood slat
  • 10 mm diameter tubers
  • Mounting adhesive
  • Wallpaper glue
  • Paper
  • 2 pieces of glass 4 mm thick
  • Non-slip tears
  • Acrylic furniture varnish

Step by step to make a bedside table

Step 1
First, we mark the four legs and the eight crossbars of wood that we will need to make the structure of the bedside table.

Step 2
Then, with the jigsaw, we cut all the pieces. To work more comfortably, we fasten the slats to the table with a jaw.

Step 3
Now, with the help of a gramil we mark the points to be punched in all the pieces to place, then, the tubillones.

Step 4
With the screwdriver drill provided with a drill and drill stop for blind holes, we puncture the marked points.

Step 5
We apply mounting adhesive in the holes and we introduce the tubillions with the help of a wooden mace.

Step 6
In this way, we join all the pieces until finished assembling the structure of the bedside table.

Step 7
To line the wood with decorative paper, we prepare the tail to wallpaper: mix the product with water and let stand 20 or 30 minutes.

Step 8
When that time has elapsed, we cut the strips of paper to size that we need Then, with a foam roller, we apply the glue on them and begin to line the legs of the bedside table.

Step 9
We continue covering all the wood, always trying to make the gaskets of the paper remain inside the structure.

Step 10
With a pallet we give a coat of varnish to water to protect the paper and provide a good finish to the structure.

Step 11
When the varnish has dried, we put some plastic tear in the four points where the shelves will rest.

Step 12
Finally, we put the glass shelves on the plastic tears, so we will prevent the crystals from slipping.

Step 13
With the lined structure and the shelves placed we will have finished building a bedside table Simple but original.

Video: Bedside table build (February 2020).

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