How to change the hoses of a sink or toilet

The hoses are flexible tubes that connect the faucets of the toilets to the water inlets located on the wall. These ducts, with the use and the passage of time, break down and water leaks.

Step by step to change hoses

Step 1
Once we have closed the water stopcocks, we release the hoses using a spanner or a fixed spanner.

Step 2
In this case, for lack of space, we will remove the tap from its site; So, we will work more comfortably.

Step 3
When we go to buy the new hoses, we will have to make sure that the diameter of the thread is the same as that of the old flexible tubes; In this way, we will avoid having problems when installing them.

Step 4
Another important aspect that we must take into account is the length. The hoses cannot be strained!

Step 5
We start by inserting the male into the tap body and adjust it by hand.

Step 6
Next, we screw the female into the square braces with the help of a fixed key.

Step 7
In the case of the toilet, the two threads of the hose must be female, since the exit of the toilet is male.

Step 8
Now we only have to open the water stopcocks again and check that the installation is working correctly. With this simple plumbing work, we have solved the problem in a very short time.

Video: How to install a flexible water hose, the correct way (February 2020).

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