Decorate a modern and elegant floor

On this occasion we met a flat in the city center and it has been decided to make a comprehensive reform for a family with three children. The goal has been to give him a modern style to the house, but being able to incorporate the elegant furniture that one had.

The most striking decoration of this house is the size of the sofa. By having a large room, it has been possible to place a sofa what is he salon protagonist.

Next to this sofa, a coffee table with tremendous dimensions. The reason for this table size is that you wanted to find a table that is functional to use as a central table or second meeting table, or even as a table to eat on it.

In the case of I usually, it was decided to keep the original floor so that the soul of the house could be seen and maintained. The soil is a spike-shaped brown soil, but it has been dyed a darker color. Originally it was a redder color but it was decided to change the color to combine it better.

Refering to illumination, the lighting part of the ceiling to the floor throughout the house. Are spotlights which are integrated with the suspended ceiling that has been placed. And for the distribution of the rest of the rooms, a Narrow corridor. The reason that this corridor is narrow is that in this way space is gained in the rest of the rooms.

Inside of kitchen area, the most striking is that in addition to being white, the extractor hood has been covered with a mirror so that it helps to give a greater sense of spaciousness.

Finally, it should be noted that in the room Two works have been carried out to promote creativity. On the one hand, a cork mural has been created so that in this way the photos of the oldest daughter can be placed, who loves photography. And in addition, another of the walls has a mural drawn that joins a painting located on that same wall, since artistic walls encourage creativity.

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