How to make bath salts

A detail that can not be missing in a bathroom are the bath salts. In addition to buying them, we can also make them at home in a simple and very cheap way.

  • Tools
  • Metal spoon
  • materials
  • Sea salt (fat salt)
  • Essence
  • Natural dye (food coloring)

Step by step to make bath salts

Step 1
The first thing we have to do is place the salt in a glass bowl. Next, we will be adding natural or food coloring to dye the salt. It is better to do it little by little and move the salt so that it is stained evenly.

Step 2
As we have been doing with the dye, now we are going to do the same with the essence. In this way, we achieve that the salt has the smell that we like the most.

Step 3
Finally, we can introduce the salt into small glass containers to decorate the bathroom. Thus, when we want to take a relaxing bath, we will have the salts on hand, and when we do not use them, they will decorate the room.

Video: DIY: Scented Bath Salts. spreadinsunshine15 (February 2020).

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