5 things you should know if you ride a bike through the city

With the beginning of the course there are many who are encouraged to take the bike through the city. It is healthy, allows you to move quickly and avoid the traffic jams that we often suffer in the car.

In addition, more and more cities have signed up for the bicycle loan and users who have encouraged to use it. But it is important do it safely and take into account certain basic rules (and often mandatory) that must be met if it circulates through the city. We summarize them below:

1. If you are going to step on the road, you will need a helmet

Although for the urban helmet the use of the helmet is advisable, but not obligatory, if it is by road. So, depending on where you live, you may travel on a road where it is mandatory helmet use, Don't forget it!

2. The rules are also for you

Traffic rules are also for you, so respect them. The signs are placed to regulate traffic at intersections and intersections, critical places for your safety, so not only will it save you a fine, also the occasional scare.

3. Sidewalks are not for cyclists

No matter how wide you see the sidewalks, do not forget that in this way you just can't move. Use the bike lane whenever you can and, when you drive along the lane, it will be safer if you do it in the center than the one on the right. They can't say you can't be seen!

4. Neither headphones nor mobile

Like inside a car, cyclists cannot make use of headphones or mobile devices while they are circulating If you have to answer a call, brake in a safe place and respond.

5. Don't forget the lights

Either because it is too early or too late, because you are going through a tunnel or subway ... the truth is that there are many occasions when we will need to carry the lights and reflective signals placed on our bicycles.

You will need to:

  • A white position light in the front.
  • A red position light at the rear.
  • A red catadioptric on the back that is not triangular.
  • Yellow reflectors on the spokes of the wheels and, optionally, on the pedals.
  • And, although it is not a light, a bell! So you can notify the rest of the users when you are circulating.

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