Cotoneaster care

Cotoneaster care

He cotoneaster is a bush of two or three meters with long and obvious ramifications. Its scarce, narrow, sharp leaves of intense green color contrast with small pink flowers. Its fruits are red in winter. It is a perfect bush to form massifs, rockeries, seos, slopes, etc. and is grown in full sun or shade.

It is Undemanding in terms of soil quality You need, just a normal substrate, drained and thrives even in dry soils. He regular watering, in summer a couple of times a week, that the land is always somewhat wet but never flooded. It is multiplied by cuttings in late summer or by seeds in spring.

Cotoneaster Reproduction

And speaking of the seeds, it is very easy to obtain a lot of new cotoneaster seedlings from a single bush, because thanks to the wind or the birds that are dispersing the seeds, new plants that have grown spontaneously appear everywhere. We just have to dig them up carefully with a shovel, and place them in a pot so that they grow and when they reach a slightly larger size we will transplant them to the garden or we can also leave them in a large pot to place it on our terrace.

Decorate with cotoneaster

We can also place some seedlings in pots suitable for growing bonsai, which are very nice small porcelain pots with very little depth and we will be pruning the roots and branches of the plant as bonsai are grown. Another very interesting thing that can be done with this beautiful plant is to cut some branches with these wonderful red fruits and place them in a vase to decorate any corner of our house.

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