Custard Cultivation

Common name: parsnip

Orientation: full sun

Temperature: soft frost resistant

Harvest: from autumn to winter

Substratum: universal, slightly sandy

Flower pot: 20 x 20 x 20cm

Grow parsnip

The parsnip is about a root used as a vegetable, similar to carrot, although of a pale color and more intense flavor. It is used for broths or purees and can replace the potato, but with a slightly sweet taste. The parsnip can be sown directly at any time, keep in mind that it will grow to the bottom, in a deep container. The substrate can be universal, slightly sandy, with good capacity to retain water.

He orient in full sun, withstand frost well and we have to provide fertilizer Ecological or compost to improve your growth. It also can add an insecticide when sowing to control the wireworm or gray worms that feed on roots. The parsnip is sown in seeds two centimeters deep and the constant humidity must be maintained to germinate. If we sow them in spring we will gather the roots in autumn.

Video: Agriculture: Custard Apple (February 2020).

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