How to prevent intestinal parasites in your pet

Along with external parasites such as fleas and ticks, there are also internal parasites such as worms from which we must protect our pet.

What kind of intestinal parasites can my pet have?

The intestinal parasites They can be classified into three groups:

  • You had or flat worms
  • Microscopic parasites
  • Roundworms

These parasites live inside animals, specifically in the digestive system of dogs and cats and are also known as "stool worms".

All intestinal parasites they are not visible to the naked eye (such as microscopes) but despite this they are very harmful. This is dangerous, since these parasites they are highly contagious for other dogs, cats or even humans. Parasites can be transmitted by fleas, so external deworming is also essential.

It is recommended that all dogs and cats be wormed at least 3 or 4 times a year and occasionally tested. It is important to pay attention to puppies, kittens, pregnant females and recently adopted pets.

Can parasites spread to humans?

These parasites can be transmitted to humans and can affect people. If we take a series of precautions we will increase our safety:

  • Avoid areas where there is accumulation of animal droppings.
  • If we suspect that an animal may be infected we will avoid contact with it.
  • Wash our hands and face frequently if we live with animals.
  • Do not put your hands to your face after having been touching animals or objects in contact with them.
  • Remove excreta immediately or as quickly as possible.
  • Clean the utensils and accessories of our pet.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables

Prevention tips to avoid intestinal parasites

If several pets live in your house, you must deworm them all at the same time and at the same frequency to get infections.

Do not let your pets drink water from stagnant areas or where other animals have drunk

Deworming is not a vaccine. At the time of carrying it out, the parasites that are inside the animal are eliminated but it does not prevent future infections, so it is advisable to follow the schedule established by the veterinary center.

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