Snakes to have at home

Within all the variety of snakes, there are some that can be perfectly at home. Among them we have the pythons, that despite having different typesThere are some that you can have as a pet at home.

Among these pythons we find the indian python or Indian rock python (Python molurus). This reptile is original from Asia, from the area of ​​Thailand, from the area of ​​Vietnam, from southern India and China and is very docile and easy to have. The only inconvenient It is its size, which can measure about 5 and a half meters, so that it could be a management and site problem.

When they are small, they can be taken in a terrarium with a heat source to control the temperature, since it should be between 20 and 28 degrees. Also keep in mind that the scales are always smooth and shiny. It is also recommended to accustom them from small to hands.

Another python that already requires a little more care and experience is the royal python or ball python (Python Regius). It is more moved than the previous one but in terms of size They usually do not exceed 1.80 meters. So in this case it would be more appropriate to have it at home in terms of size.

Another option is the fake coral, a snake very colorful for its colors and it is very difficult to distinguish it from the authentic coral (very poisonous) They are snakes of the American continent and are very moved.

One of the characteristics of snakes is their feeding: they cannot be forced or trained to eat. They usually eat live food, they usually like to hunt. In addition to the amount of food, it is better to be missed than excess, since if one of the snakes are overweight it can cause large problems. In times of higher temperature such as summer, they are usually more active, so they will have to be fed more.

As for his hygiene, it is also recommended to bathe them from time to time, but you will have to be careful with their temperature since they are very sensitive to it.

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