Sausages and cold cuts with less fat from your deli

Among the information shared by WHO in October of last year - in which it declared that the consumption of red and processed meat was potentially carcinogenic - and the current obsession with being more noodle than Peter the Anguilla, the deli is not going through its best moment.

But if we take into account the criteria of many nutritionists, eating charcuterie from time to time is not crazy, nor are fats Satan.

The keys to integrate sausages and other delicacies in a balanced diet are moderation and knowing how to choose. Cecina does not have the same fat content as a sobrasada, to say the least, and basically the important thing is not the quantity: "In dietary advice you should emphasize the quality of the fat to be included but not in its quantity" , says Juan Revenga, our primary nutritionist.

On the other hand, the last guide to avoid cardiovascular diseases prepared by the American Heart Association, indicates that it is not necessary to avoid certain foods, such as sausages, but to add to our diet a good proportion of fruit, vegetables and vegetables. Come on, you don't have to give up anything if you don't abuse it.

We have turned to the Spanish Food Composition Database (BEDCA) to make a range of sausages with less fat. And we have taken some surprises ...

Turkey breast

If this were a race, the turkey would take first prize. Turkey breast has only 2.6% fat. So you could wear the Moñoño and the scale would not notice. But there is always a but.

It seems that no law prevents the breast and turkey meat from being sold with the same name, so they may be giving you a cat as a hare. Although the cold meat is also not very fatty -9.4% - it is a highly processed product, made with offal and lots of additives. Come on, if you buy turkey breast, take the magnifying glass and buy something breast-like.

Cooked ham

Something made us suspect that cooked ham - or York, or sweet - was a rather lean charcuterie product. Well, our suspicion was confirmed. According to BEDCA, cooked ham contains only 3% fat.

If you want to know what is the best cooked ham, go to the deli and ask for the portion you are going to eat at the cut. In addition to enjoying a higher quality ham, you will avoid unnecessary packaging.

Dried meat

Beef jerky - cured beef, beef, or, less commonly, goat ham - lags behind cooked ham when it comes to fat, but overtakes it inside in terms of flavor.

To be exact, cecina has 9.5% fat. Although, yes, its cholesterol content -120 mg per 100 grams- is the highest, comparable to raw bacon or blood sausage.


It is the pork shoulder, cured as it happens with ham, but for less time. Well, the lacon has only 10.8% fat. But that is not the best. There are two qualities of lacon: the normal and the traditional. The latter comes from pigs that have been partially fed with cereals, tubers, chestnuts and acorns, so if you get a few grams you will be benefiting from the 'good fats' that the pig acquired through food.


Surprise! Yes, sausage or sausage is relatively low in fat - compared to other delicatessen products, eye - since it only contains 20%. No one would say it, right? Well it seems that the balance between lean meat and fat of this sausage is a miracle.

Pork loin

The stuffed loin, as the name suggests, is made with one of the most lean parts of the pig and that is noted. Its fat index is 20.7. If it is also an Iberian pork loin that has been fed with acorns, better than better.

Fried blood sausage

You have remained picueto, right? I know it because my eyes widened when I read the chip of fried blood sausage in the BEDCA. It only has 21.9% fat and a cholesterol content that is not excessively high - it is also an apple, be careful. The fact is that raw black pudding has 3% more fat than after going through a hot oil bath. Fun fact, which may be explained because the fat in the food dissolves in the frying fat.

Iberian acorn-fed ham

Yes, we have good news: Iberian acorn-fed ham contains 22.2% fat and, in addition, a good part of its cholesterol content is 'good', especially oleic acid. So if you are one of those people who leave white fat, rectify.

By the way, the Iberian ham bait and the serrano would also enter this list, with 19.2% and 22.6% of fat respectively.


Another surprise! Nobody gave a hard for the poor sausage in this skinny race and look, there it is. With 23.1% of fat, it enters the list, but you have to eat it very cautiously. Its cholesterol content, and not just the good one, is quite remarkable.

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