Things you should never do in a restaurant

We all like to go out for lunch or dinner, and we all dislike negative experiences when we go to a restaurant. However, sometimes the diners themselves are to some extent responsible for the disaster, by not following minimum basic standards that would save us and our banquet partners frustrations. Months ago, American blogger Adam Roberts gathered his "10 things you are doing wrong in restaurants" in an article for Huffington Post, and since then I wanted to write my recommendations. These are the nine things that I would never do.

Eat what you get kicked out
If any dish has a serious fault, we should swallow the shame and return it to the kitchen explaining why the waiter with much education. In the end, we are doing the restaurant a favor, so that it can correct the error, improve and eventually earn more money. Of course, the claim must be consistent with the establishment: it cannot be demanded the same in a menu house at 9 euros than in a gastronomic restaurant of more than 100. But it is precisely in the fine places where we repress more time to complain perhaps about the fear of going through ignorant, when it should be just the opposite.

Order the very cooked meat

New York chef Anthony Bourdain tells it in his 'Confessions of a chef': restaurants allocate the worst pieces of meat to customers who ask for it very well done. It is much easier to camouflage a bad piece if served requetepasada, while in meats to the point or bleeding the deception is more complicated.

Ignore the seasons
We have all done it sometime, but there is no more direct route to failure than choosing a dish with ingredients (especially vegetables and fruits) that are not in season. Tomato salad in winter? You will take red-dyed polyester. Artichokes with ham in summer? They will be by boat and the victims of citric acid will have died. Strawberries in the fall? Conchimbamba and at the price of gold. If the calendar is unknown, it is best to ask if the main ingredient of the dish is fresh and local, or be guided by a basic principle that is almost always met in vegetables: leaves, autumn-winter; fruits, spring-summer.
Be a sequismiquis with the ingredients
When you put plasta with the ingredients of the dishes - "can it be without avocado, without onion and without cumin, which I don't like?" - You're not just irritating other diners by extending requests with your doubts. If the chef agrees to remove them, it is more than possible that you destroy the balance he was looking for when preparing the recipe. When you don't like something that a dish has, it is better to ask for something else. And if you don't like many things, stay at home, ask your parents for accounts for not having taught you to eat as God commands or espabila at once, that you are no longer 10 years old.
Go to smoke or to the bathroom when you don't touch
Outlets for smoking or bathing should always be done at times when they do not interrupt the rhythm of the command or the service. If you go before you start eating, do so after asking so that the process is not delayed because of you. During the meal it is very bad education to take a cigarette and force the rest of the table to wait for your return for the second or dessert. It is not a matter of intolerance, but of respect for others.

Confuse the waiter with a friend (or with an enemy)
Thanks to their directions, advice and kindness, good waiters make the experience of eating out much more pleasant. Unfortunately, they are a professional species in danger of extinction, since many hoteliers think that no talent or qualification is needed to perform this task. In this context, it is advisable to maintain a cordial relationship with those who are serving you - showing yourself rude ends up playing against you - but without yielding to the pressure of their recommendations - they can go to endilgarte things that should leave the kitchen or nail you bill. Keep in mind what they say ... but ask for what you want.

Order fish on a Monday
In the times when most people bought in the markets, this did not even need to be explained. But with the implantation of the supermarkets and their obsession to give everything every day, we have forgotten that on Mondays there is no fresh fish. Consequence: if that day of the week you eat something in a restaurant that has left the sea, it will be frozen or days ago.

Using the cellphone
I have little to add to what the writer Elvira Lindo said in a recent article. Being with the mobile phone back and forth during a meal is not only rude, but also a tacky sovereign. In addition to filling the gap, when we eat we are enjoying a pleasure and communicating with our tablemates. And the calls, the little messages, the WhatsApp and the tweets They interrupt both. At 99.9% of your communications, nothing happens for waiting an hour and a half, so silence your iPhone and stop bothering.

Not look at the bill

Some people consider it vulgar to verify that the account is fine; others go through simple carelessness. All of them risk paying for dishes or drinks that they have not consumed. Restaurants do not try to get it bent - well, a few - but a waiter too busy can make mistakes in the count. It is not about adding yourself as if you were an accountant or a descendant of Mr. Scrooge: just make sure that the list is correct.

Is there anything you think should not be done in a restaurant? Share it in the comments!

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